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Metallurgy pellet bentonite

Metallurgy Pellet Bentonite

Our sodium base bentonite is used as iron ore pellet adhesives to improve compression strength and cracking temperature of green pellet. It is with good ventilation, good bonding agent iron ore pellet has the advantages: raising markedly the strength of pellet and the bursting of temperature, expanding roast area, fine ventilation, well desulphurization, few returns volume and low cast. The product can raise the economy benefit of steel enterprises. It has been widely used by steel enterprises.
Item First Grade Second Grade
Water Absorption Rate ≥ 400 300
Methylene Blue Adsorption /(g/100g) ≥ 30 28
Passing 200 mesh/ % ≥ 98 97
Swelling Capacity  ≥ 15 15
Moisture Content %≤ 12 12
Package 25KG/1Ton 25KG/1Ton

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