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High viscosity bentonite

White Bentonite for Detergent

YX series bentonite thickening and rheological additive is a kind of natural aluminum magnesium silicate, hydrophilic and high purity (modified) Montmorillonite is the main ingredients. This product is widely used in water based coating, emulsion paint, medicament, toothpaste, cosmetic, rubber, papermaking and so on. It acts as floatability, thixotropic agent, stabilizer, thickening agent. In pharmacy, it is used as medical adhesives, disintegrating agent and stabilizer. In founding paint and various ceramics colorful paint, it is used as floatability and thixotropic agent; some performance of this serial is superior to use the CMC, HEC respectively.
1) Bentonite Water based Inorganic agents for cosmetics, paint, coatings, inks, etc.
2) High gelling efficiency in water-based systems.
3) Excellent thixotropy property, sag resistance, viscosity control, etc.
4) Prevent hard settlement of pigment and fillers.
5) Ease of incorporation and Ease of dispersion.
6) Suit to wide PH range.
Technical requirements of YX Rheological Thickening Agents

1. Engineering slurry
2. Self-flowing flooring
3. Ceramic glaze
4. Water-based paint, coatings, inks, etc.
5. Emulsion paint
6. Precision casting
7. Cosmetics
Main chemical ingredients (%)

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