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Foundry bentonite

Foundry Bentonite

“Yaxin” Foundry bentonite is used in iron casting, steel casting as the molding sand adhesives with high strength,high pressure resistance,high temperature performance and good reusability etc. It enhances the surface smooth, dimensional precision, and lowers the defective index. It gains the full recognition by the mass customers around the world..
Foundry bentonite First grade Second grade
Wet Pressure Strength /kpa ≥ 100 70
Hot Wet Tensile Strength /kpa ≥ 4.5 4
Methylene Blue Adsorption /(g/100g) ≥ 35 28
Passing 200 mesh/ % ≥ 97 97
Swelling Capacity  ≥ 30 30
Moisture Content  ≤ 12 12
Package type 25kg/1 Ton pp bag (NO PALLET)

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