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Cat litter

Bentonite Cat Litter

“YaXin” Bentonite cat litter is made of natural mineral and could offer a dry and clean living environment for your pets. It has the function of cleaning sterilization deodorant fragrance, especially in the summer can replace other pet padding. “YaXin” bentonite cat litter is: NO DUST, SUPPER ADSORPTION, RAPID CLUMPING. The pet owner could easily remove the clumping waste with scooper and don’t need to change all the cat litter. It is a convenient and economical way for pet cleaning to use our bentonite cat litter for cats, hamsters, rabbits other small pets.
 “YaXin” Bentonite Cat Litter’s Technical Index:
1. Water absorption :> 300%
2. Density/ml     : 0.75-1
3. Moisture Content : <8%
4. Dust Content    : <0.5%
5. Particle Size     : 0.5mm, 1mm-5mm
6. Odor type      : Apple, Lemon, Lavender, Strawberry, Jasmine, etc.Or Baby Powder Scent.
7. Shape         : Bulk Shape, Round Ball Shape
How to use our Bentonite cat litter?
1. Put a layer of 3-5cm cat litter in a clean cat sand tray.
2. Regular cleaning the rubbish in the tray, in order to keep it clean.
3. If there is many cats or small pets, you should shorten the cycle of replacement the cat litter in proportion, rather than put too much cat litter in the tray, we suggest that the usage for a package of 10L cat litter: a month for one cat or small pet, 15 days for two cats or small pets and 10days for three cats or small pets.
4. The condensation of cat litter to timely cleared from box with a spoon.
5. In order to prolong its service life, the cat litter or tray should be kept in a clean and free of moisture place.

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