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Bentonite mud trenchless related presentations

来源:原创 编辑:admin Date:2015-12-25
Bentonite slurry trenchless repair construction suitable for crossing streets, roads, buildings, rivers, lakes but also in some cases can not be implemented in such excavation homework rich downtown, scenic career care areas, trees or green belts underground threading construction
Drawing from the trial of the primary content of the number of sheets of construction drawings, numbered, and the drawings are consistent directory. Hold special certificate for employment homework rail system. Drilling by the drill bit, drill rod and other components back expansion. 1 pull back reaming the pilot hole drilled into the hole after removing the drill, put the proper size and extraordinary type of suitable geological conditions of backreaming drill, so that it can at the same time back drill, but also the expansion of drilling night to the desired size.
The reason for this is followed by the formation of horizontal cavern, underground missing to the original balance, especially the loose gravel layer, drilling easily go missing original relatively unchanged, causing damage hole body structure, although pullback line of the hole wall has a certain support dip, but if it is completed before the collapse hole, buried pipelines, dragged back by big resistance, or a foundation can not continue to pullback, will make serious drilling scrapped, drilling had to stay in the hole, resulting in huge losses big track.